A Hit Tuna!

Bailey's A Hit Tuna

A Hit Tuna!

What’s in this Cold Cook Pi? (Preparation and Ingredients): Ahí tuna was seared at 1.5 minutes on each side seasoned with salt, pepper and lemon juice. Ahí tuna is a Costcos brand. Brown jasmine rice  cooked for 25 minutes at medium heat, seasoned to taste. Includes fresh Pico de gallo with red onions. Layered avocado on top and voilà!

This Ahí Tuna was made by our high school Cold Cook- Bailey, our niece. Her mother once told us that when she was a pre-school kid, she knew what she wanted to eat, and would often order unique sophisticated food menu items that we would consider for adult palates. And now, she’s been making them too!

Happy Tummy to you who wish to try this Cold Cook elegance!

Paying it Forward

MamaBear moment:

Recently, I went to Sally’s to purchase some items for my mom. While looking for my item, some kind of chemical to extract the nail extensions off my fingers that my bff had done for our wedding, a lady helped to guide me in buying the appropriate chemical; because Lord knows I am unfamiliar in that department of femininity. She asked “Do you do this often?” I guess I just had that look on my face like “ouch, this is going to take a while.” I said “no, once every 5 years or so.” We laughed. She said “o.k, just get a small bottle.” I almost thought she worked there, but she did not. Anyhow, as I bring my items to the register, the cashier asked me, “Do you have a Sally’s card?” I replied. “No, I do not;” secretly mad because the last time i purchased one and I never once used the darn thing. While I’m thinking in my head, “just how much much am I going to save anyway, these things are a trick.” Then, the same lady from earlier comes to the register and said, “she can use mine.” I insisted and she ignored me and gave the cashier the number to use for the discount. She said “watch you’re going to see how much you save.” Well, the numbers are in! I saved a dollar and some change. “Wow!” I thought. That was very kind of her. And without question, I payed for her item, which was a buck more. But the thought was what mattered, and we all can pay it forward in some regard sometimes.

The “Talk” that lead us here.

When I first met my husband Wayne, he had the great idea for us to have a “talk,” after leaving the Caribbean party where we just met. Well, there is only so much we can talk about, right? Well, we decided that we were going to a 24 hour Starbucks to do just that, “Talk.” About 5 minutes into the journey of him following behind my vehicle, we came to stop light and he honked at me to stop my car. I didn’t give him my phone number, so this was the only way to get a hold of me. Anyway, I stopped and he informed me that well, he was so excited to leave the party that he forgot to close his tab and left his his bank card at the bar. We turned around to retrieve it. Once again, here we go, on our journey to “Talk.” Well, we got to Starbucks, and while we were in line, he had to use the restroom.  I ordered our drinks and took care of the bill. When he came back, he had his card to pay and I informed him that I had already taken care of it. He was appreciative and surprised that a woman who is a stranger took care of his bill. We sat and talked for about 6 hours until the sun arose. The talk went so well that we decided to have a date later on that day at a sushi venue. Wayne has never tried sushi but I convinced him to try something new. He was so eager and happy oriented that by the end of the talk, I was happy to have met him. Later on that day, after we went home to get some rest and refresh ourselves, we had our first official date. It was a nice sushi bar with a romantic ambiance.  We were drawn to each other because we shared many similar interests based on our genuine talk. After that day, we have talked and kept each other in conversation about everything ever since! Two years from that date, we are happily married with a baby girl. We continue to talk with each other and share our thoughts openly, even when the truth hurts. We are each other’s best friend and we try to embrace the epitome of God’s Love. I pray that we will grow old with each other and enjoy a lifetime of “talk.”  We value ongoing and effective communication and believe it is the great balance for a healthy and loving relationship.